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To ensure the integrity, high quality!To ensure the integrity, high quality!

The same quality price is lower!

Price advantage comes from having your own production line will not reduce product quality in pursuit of low prices Attention to detail, exquisite workmanship, not rough


Special Custom Service is available upon special request

High-quality cans of tin packaging let the baby intact to the hands of customers!Choose the most wide range of hardness suitable for the transport process of iron can not easily deformed and damaged!


Large-scale production quality and stability of manufacturers!

Company covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with modern plant standardization production  There will never be a lot of product quality is uneven



Brand Trustworthy

Focus on the production and operation of canned packaging 30, has a great influence on the local

Member of China Packaging Association, awarded the Chinese quality Credit certificate

Provide products and services to world-renowned enterprises such as Nestle and McDonald's

In human resources, the most advanced unit of Dongguan Municipal Labor Bureau

Product specifications complete supply of adequate supplies at any time

The company covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with modern factory

First market research after production, common specifications of the iron can be complete range

The company has a complete production equipment, can be produced by the season

24 cans production line, daily output up to 300,000, regular product inventory sufficient

Factory Direct-price-optimal, best quality

Have the raw material production line, can supply sufficient raw materials

Eliminate raw material sourcing, streamline production processes and lower prices

Through ISO9001 and ISO14001 Quality Assurance System Certification

Perfect service system 

Professional service team, rapid response to pre-sale, sale, after-sale demand

Regular production can be shipped within 24 hours

Transport with a number of courier companies and equipped with professional transport fleet!

Provide more service support for buyers such as e-commerce customers

Call all day0769-87723456

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    Dongguan Yicheng Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in the Qi Shi town, founded at 2018. Company predecessor as Dongguan Yicheng Can Making Co., Tin Making Specialized for over 20 years. 
    In order to  increase the productivity, Our Company had put into newest tin making machine and deep into rea

in the wide and deep golden corridor, Cantonese the hinterland of the construction of Hong Kong and Macao Great Bend District.Is Dongguan Yi Cheng Canning Co., Ltd. transformation and recycling, set supply chain;Customer resources;Technology research and development;Production layout;Quality control;Multi-faceted with competitive advantage of modern automation, professional packaging technology enterprises.Specializing in the production and sale of various types of metal cans, boxes and other metal packaging 
  • is the horse mouth iron box suitable for filling dry goods?can shelf life be guaranteed?
      Dry storage is very strict one thing, pay attention to is delicious, also belongs to the cost-effective food.
       However, the first thing to consider in the dry market is how to make the physical better storage and shelf life, but also to ensure that the packaging has presentation, tin box Dry goods is not in the packaging, the horse mouth iron box is moisture-proof, anti-high temperature, anti-extrusion and other advantages, the printing of the surface of the iron box is very attractive.Can also do a creative convex effect, the company's Lolg and product patterns made of the convex process, showing a three-dimensional effect.So the iron box for dry goods with good storage benefits also in the packaging is also in the peer competitive advantage.
    >> 詳細
  • How can the packaging of iron boxes get the favor of consumers?
    Horse Mouth iron Box (can) packaging, from food to health care products, from mooncake boxes to tea boxes, its use has been deep into the lives of people.So how to obtain the favor of the consumer in the box packaging, widely used in all major areas?
    Below we take several major use types for example, such as tea iron box, mooncake box, as well as health care products box, give you a brief description.
    First of all, there is a large part of the reason why they choose to be packaged in boxes and get consumers ' approval.That is the unique advantage of the box packaging.
    On the one hand, the iron box printing can use a variety of new inks and advanced printing technology, so that the printing surface with excellent gloss, more beautiful;On the other hand, the same price situation, the Iron box appears upscale, suitable for the popular gift packaging.More importantly, the iron box has the characteristics of good compatibility strength, convenient processing, easy to shape, suitable for preservation.
    In addition, in particular, tea packaging, mooncake packaging, health care products packaging, respectively, the choice of iron box as its main packaging form, there are reasons for each

    >> 詳細
  • How to choose the high-quality horse mouth iron box?
    Iron box manufacturers are making horse mouth iron box manufacturers so the horse mouth iron box use what material to make will be very clear, iron box manufacturers said to buy the iron box when you want to pay attention to see the stitching of the iron box stitching effect if, and see if the Iron box is a little rusty;There are generally good quality of iron box appearance will be tin-plated, because it can be anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation;Iron box manufacturers say if an iron box is stitched well, there is no rust problem, and tin-plated, then this iron box is a good box!
    As consumers, buy iron box packaging products to people feel high-grade goods, good quality, psychological has been satisfied.In addition, the iron box can also be used for other purposes, such as the storage box for the family, the exquisite iron box can also be used as decorations.If it is a gift, it must be bought in a box of goods.So as consumers also feel that the box packaging is good.>> 詳細
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